Rush Hour – because classical music decelerates.

Everybody races through his day, appointments chasing after each other, the clock, the phone in view. And once the day is over, one can rely on traffic jams. The Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich wants to counter the tempo terror with a new format: Rush Hour. Because classical music is decelerating.

Rush Hour (Foto: Karin Bischof)
Rush Hour (Foto: Karin Bischof)

So much so, that according to a study by the Goldsmiths College in London lives nine years longer, who visits every two weeks a concert. The need for deceleration is known to be large (read, inter alia, in the current survey on the use of social media in Switzerland): To be reachable all the time, the continuous online tires people and makes them restless.

Digital Detox can be found in remote mountain huts - or in the middle of the city: while the rush-hour traffic stops outside, the music plays in the Tonhalle Maag: the new Chief Conductor and Music Director Paavo Järvi and his orchestra give one only symphony each Rush Hour evening, then it goes to the foyer bar, where musicians from the orchestra accompany their audience with a jam session in the after hours.

published: 10.10.2019