International Film Music Competition 2019 and Film Music Concert «Beyond the Matrix»

The International Film Music Competition enters its 8th round and the hunt for the Golden Eye, endowed with 10,000 Swiss francs, has begun. And how: This year more applications were received than ever before! The jury around film music composer Don Davis («The Matrix») is now spoilt for choice to select five finalists whose compositions will be performed live in the Tonhalle Maag.

Beyond the Matrix (Illustration: ZFF)

The second part of the evening will be entitled «Beyond the Matrix». The Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich under the direction of Frank Strobel will play «The Matrix» suites and more - of course with film excerpts on big screen.

And these are our five favourite scenes from the «Matrix» trilogy:

The legendary battle scene between Neo and Agent Smith

Neo is asked to follow the white rabbit

The decision: Blue or red pill?

Trinity: «Dodge this»

Neo's fight scene in the subway

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September 2019
Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Frank Strobel Conductor, Sandra Studer Moderation Daft Punk, Frutiger, Davis, Goldsmith, Davis
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